Original Group in 1989

Original Group in 1989

Thirty years ago our town came together to build our beloved Wooden Park on Main Street.  It has served as a place of fun, laughter, and excitement for two generations - but the time has come to rebuild the park and we need everyone’s input!

It Takes a Village

In keeping with tradition, we have opted for a community build.  This means parents, children, family members, and residents will work in partnership with the contractors, Play by Design, to erect the new park.  

We will rely solely upon donations and fundraising from the Winters community. Everything from construction materials, food and beverages for the workers, and miscellaneous supplies will be sourced through donations. Volunteers will provide the primary labor during the actual build dates.

We have one year to raise $350,000 to bring our vision of a revitalized park to life!  There is no more important point than this; the new park will be built and funded solely by the Winters community. There are no outside funds being provided. We implore everyone to find a way they can contribute through donations of their funds, supplies, labor, and time.

Fundraising is well under way, please stay up to date by visiting our Facebook page, City of Winters Park Rehabilitation Committee or by email at: projectplaygroundwinters@gmail.com.

We welcome new ideas and participants!  If you want to join the Project Playground Committee, please email us at projectplaygroundwinters@gmail.com

It takes a village!